Welcome to UTM SPACE

Thank you for your interest in UTM SPACE. The About UTM SPACE section of this website is a good starting point to learn more about our extraordinary school. It contains an introduction to UTM SPACE, facts about UTM SPACE, answers to frequently asked questions and more. Whether you are considering a part time undergraduate or part-time postgraduate programme or interested in one of our many other academic opportunities, or simply want to learn more about UTM SPACE, welcome!

Part-Time Undergraduate Admission

More than 1,000 students are admitted each semester. The Part-Time Undergraduate Admission offers information about academic preparation, how to obtain admission materials, and an online intake application from UTM SPACE Facts and the Common Data Set provide statistics about enrollment, students and fees.

Postgraduate Admission (School of Graduate Studies)

The Postgraduate Admission website provides general information about graduate study and the admission process.